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As a Homeopath I like to deal with the body naturally and safely and I always use it as a first choice to improve how I feel. It is also the choice of many others who may not have found a cure to their problem and just want to feel better. I have been in practice for nearly 14 yrs and my aim is to boost your well-being by helping to support your immune system and other essential functions that build optimal health.

A positive approach....
Making the right choice on how to deal with ill health, whether it is for you or a member of you family, is as important today as it has ever been. It is therefore reassuring to know that Homeopathy is gentle and natural, and is used faithfully by a large number of people all over the world. (see About Homeopathy for more details).

Feeling better....
In my London clinics I see a large number of people. The range of illnesses that people can be affected by can be either acute, such as cough and colds to the more chronic in nature. My aim is to improve their sense of well-being and help them attain a better state of function in general. Keeping the immune system functioning well is the No.1 aim!

I have worked as a consulting Homeopath at Ainsworth's Homeopathic Pharmacy and as well as running busy clinics in Highbury and Islington, North and Central London (N1 & W1), I also supervise students for one of the UK's leading Homeopathic Colleges. I am a fully registered Homeopath in London and member of the 'Alliance of Registered Homeopaths' and am bound by their code of standards and ethics.

For free initial Homeopathy advice and to see how I can help you, you are welcome to call me on 07976 239 855 and I'll be happy to talk through your questions. Alternatively you can email me here.

Appointments can be booked on 07976 239 855 or Contact me here

My London Homeopathy Clinics are in Highbury and Islington, London N1 and Central London W1

This website should have enough information for people looking for Homeopathy in Islington or Homeopathy in central London.

Some testimonials....

'I would have no hesitation on recommending Max's expertise, particularly to someone who is new to homeopathy'. (SW - Islington N1, North London)

'With the help of Max’s support, as well as some dietary and life style changes my symptoms have significantly improved'. (RW - Islington, N1 North London)

"I found Max's personality and approach extremely reassuring and positive, unlike other doctors we had seen. A great listener, Max also always took the time to explain things in depth and to answer my questions and doubts. I would recommend homeopathy and Max to anyone without hesitation..." (JP - W1 London/France)

"Immediately after the 1st appointment with Max I started feeling better and after 6 months........my general well being had improved. Thanks to Max, to his non-judgmental and understanding attitude and practical and competent approach, I am now happier than ever before." (CC - Highbury & Islington, N1 London & Italy)

‘Max has been a great help to me in my immense struggle to get well. He has been a great ally in being totally approachable and human, whatever my query.... I Wish I’d done it years ago, in fact....... He has also helped my husband and kids with various problems. JS, mother of 7’ (JS - North London N1)

'Max gave me unbelievable support, help and guidance throughout my pregnancy.....I would certainly recommend Max, as he is a great listener, very patient and most importantly the after care service for me was superb. If I had any concerns, regarding a remedy or symptom Max was very easy to contact for advice, plus he would usually get in touch the same day. I always look forward to seeing Max, am one of his biggest fans and thank him for his wonderful work. (
C.C , Central London W1)

'I can't say enough good things about Max and I would recommend Max to anyone thinking of trying homeopathy.' (Islington, North London N1)

'I have been Max's patient for homeopathic treatment for a long time, while I was chronically ill. I achieved amazing results, he greatly helped me to get back balance and wellbeing. He is an expert homeopath, extremely professional, intuitive, trustworthy and a very kind and generous person.. I am extremely grateful for all his help and I would advise his care to anybody needing a holistic approach to deal with illness." (LC - Central London W1)

'......What makes Max a particularly good choice as a Homeopath, is his ability to get to the root of the issue very quickly; his style put me immediately at ease. This was critical, because many of my symptoms were born out of complex emotional issues, which Max handled with a rare level of professionalism. Max is simply the best alternative practitioner I have come across, highly intuitive, and will always be the first on my list with any ailment. Thanks to Max, I've had no reason to visit a GP for nearly 5 years.' (VM - North London N1/York)

For free initial advice on whether I can help you, email me here

Appointments can be booked on 07976 239 855, or Contact me here

My Homeopathic Clinics are in Highbury and Islington, London N1 and Central London W1

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